Tab Top Collection Program

Looking for a no cost way to help RMHC St. Louis? Help us pick up our tab by collecting yours.

Residents, students and other group members are encouraged to collect tab tops year-round for a no-cost way to help the Ronald McDonald House. Or, please call our Tab Top Hotline at 314.773.1100, ext. 1210 or e-mail


Save the date! The 2014 Tab Top Pandemonium celebration will take place on May 3, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Ronald McDonald House on Park Avenue.  

For any questions regarding this event, please call 314-773-1100, ext. 1210, or email


Please collect any keys that you wish to donate in a separate container. PSC Metals will recycle the keys with proceeds benefiting RMHC St. Louis. Click here to download a flyer about our Keys to the Heart Program.

Visit our Facebook page to view all the photos from Tab Top Pandemonium 2012.


Print a New Tab Top Wrap

Help RMHC "Go Green" by designing your own container to keep tab tops in or print one of our new tab top wraps and tape to your own container like a coffee can.

Download and print a 4 in x 8 in or 11 in x 17 in wrap.